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Tracerbox for DyTac / OMG SOCOM RC1 / RC2 Style Silencers (Acetech Lighter S Tracer Module Installed)

  • Brand: DyTac
  • Weight: 0.07KG
  • Reference: DY-SS-ACC01-BK

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Pre-Installed Tracer Box For You To Install Into The DyTac / OMG SOCOM RC1 / RC2 QD Suppressors without Interrupting The Size and Length of the Suppressors in Actual Measurement.
Of course, The Tracer Box could be fitted on other 3rd parties airsoft suppressors and please see the images for checking out the dimension and figure it out how it fits your airsoft suppressors.
Acetech Lighter S Installed
Constructed by 6061 - T6 Aluminum
Gross Weight 45g / Net Weight 70g
Yes, There was an XT301 displayed on the video and all new tracer boxes are installed with Acetech Lighter S from now on